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How does it feel when you can trust yourself and your equipment completely?

Serres' mission is to help healthcare professionals succeed in their daily work and ensure pleasant customer experiences. We build trust into our equipment, so patients can trust you to provide the best possible care. Thanks to our continued commitment to product development, we are proud to offer one of the most advanced suction bag systems in the world. Our vision is to become the global market leader in suction systems with completely comprehensive and continuously expanding product range.

Serres Oy is a highly specialized plastics manufacturer focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing customer-oriented solutions. Company's headoffice is located in Kauhajoki, Finland, and its two factories in Kauhajoki and Saarijärvi, Finland. Since the company's establishment by Jyllilä family in 1973, Serres products have achieved a prominent position in the marketplace. Serres is the largest European manufacturer of suction bag systems and the second largest globally.