Focus where it matters


We are there when a procedure starts. Our Serres suction bags make sure surgeons see the most crucial parts of what they are doing. They can rely on the fluid being suctioned out of the way and into the bag.

We are there to ease the workload of the nurses. So that they can assist the surgeon, and make sure everything is as it should be with the patient. Confident that the suction bags are operating reliably.

We are there so that the person emptying the suction bag does not worry about the hazardous fluids spilling. Serres Suction Bags are designed for hygienic use. And Serres Nemo is there to help dispose of the bag with minimum fuss. 

For all these healthcare professionals doing their work around suction, Serres provides tools that allows them to do what is really important in their jobs. To better take care of the patients. To focus where it matters.


Quality at the heart of Serres

We are pioneers in smart fluid management solutions around suction. Through our solutions, we help healthcare professionals to perform at their best in their daily work.

Our story starts in Kauhajoki, Finland, where we honed our expertise in plastics to create high quality products that can be relied on even in the most vital moments. When failure is not an option.

Most of our production takes place in the Kauhajoki factory, where we have developed quality control that guarantees reliability. Over the years our products have earned us the trust of healthcare professionals around the world. Every day, Serres Suction Bags are trusted in at least 60,000 procedures globally. 

The passion to progress makes us a pioneer

As a progressive leader, we always develop our solutions and innovate new ones to enhance the process from suction to disposal. We expand our offering to answer the growing needs in healthcare facilities. By working closely with the people who rely on our products, we see possibilities and build on insights to make their jobs smoother, safer and more efficient. 

The changing world influences hospitals. People live longer and older people want better quality of life. There are, for instance, more procedures that involve larger quantities of fluids. Healthcare facilities have added pressure to improve workflow, patient flow, and minimise waste of time and optimise use of resources.

Serres Suction Bags are an essential around the hospital, making fluid collection reliable and convenient. Serres Nemo creates value from a cost-efficiency, work efficiency and occupational safety point of view, making fluid disposal safer, cleaner and easier than ever before. And answering to the new challenges hospitals face today. 

Connected by caring 

In our daily work live by our values. Focusing on our customers, we aim for the highest quality in all that we do. Having the courage to change and progress, showing our caring by treating customers, colleagues and others with fairness and respect, and nurturing our viability, we ensure that we can build sustainable success with a relevant offering.

We are passionate about what we do, and we share that with the healthcare professionals who rely on our equipment day in, day out. Together we care about what is best for the patient. Us at Serres by using our expertise on smart fluid management solutions. So that each of us can do what we do best and focus where it matters.