Get to know Serres: Steve Viera

Steve Viera, Technical Product Manager
Serres Inc.

It has been a busy few months for Steve Viera. As the newest member of the Serres US staff, Steve has recently taken on the role of Technical Product Manager. Based in Boston, Steve’s professional background blends healthcare engineering with customer engagement, and will support Serres customers with their innovative fluid waste management systems.   

What is your role at Serres?

I am the Technical Product Manager for the Serres Nemo specifically, but will support Serres core products in general. I will be partnering with other Serres team members with a focus on introducing the benefits of the Serres Nemo to current and new customers. I will initially be focusing on potential opportunities from the sales side. Then, as the Serres Nemo systems are installed, I will partner with the healthcare professionals to ensure proper installation, answer any questions, and provide ongoing support.

What made you interested in working at Serres?

Serres builds upon a combination of innovative technology and thoughtful customer interaction. That is what initially intrigued me about this opportunity. I’ve been part of the healthcare industry from a technical engineering role, all the way to client support and management. This new position as Technical Product Manager is absolutely a blend of those experiences. I will be able to draw upon every aspect of my professional background, which is what is so exciting about working for Serres. I can speak the language of hospital administrators, engineers, and purchasing managers so that should help me provide a high level of customer support.

What opportunities or new developments are you excited about?

Educating customers, building name recognition, these are exciting prospects for a company and line of products that I believe in. The solutions certainly speak for themselves. With my previous in-house positions in hospitals, I know that clinicians already have enough to worry about. They shouldn’t have to worry about additional exposure issues. That was what attracted me to Serres-- the idea that these systems can drastically decrease the chances that a clinician will be exposed to infection from medical fluid waste. That struck a chord right away with me. Every aspect of the Serres systems are exciting: The technology behind it, the fact that Serres offers much greener alternatives than anything else out there. And of course, the cost savings of using the Serres systems is amazing. Now you have budget dollars that can be freed up to use in other avenues of a healthcare system.

How do you enjoy spending your time outside of work?

I have a 13-year-old daughter who is currently going for her third-degree black belt in karate. So we are in the middle of our training cycle, and there is a lot of running and exercise. It is good because it forces me to stay health conscious while allowing me the opportunity to spending quality time with my family.

What is something your colleagues or clients might not know about you?

For the past 30 years, my dad and I have been restoring cars.  He is a retired automotive engineer so cars runs in this family’s blood. Even my sister, a schoolteacher, drives a ‘66 convertible Mustang that my father and I restored together.

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