An integrated fluid waste collection and disposal solution for healthcare facilities


Serres fluid collection and disposal systems power more than 40,000 operations every day.

We have discovered that about two-thirds of all surgical procedures generate just one to two suction bags of fluid medical waste.

For these low to medium volume cases we have developed a solution to replace the costly practice of disposing of full suction bags as infectious hospital waste, and the outdated and unsafe process of opening the suction bags or canisters and pouring fluid waste down the sink.

Better workflow for fluid collection and disposal

The cost savings and efficiency of Serres start by inserting a suction bag into the canister before the start of the procedure. At the end of the procedure the lid is capped and the Serres suction bag is removed and taken to the decontamination room. The hardware set-up remains in place and ready to go for the next procedure, speeding up OR turnover times.

Once in the decontamination room, the Serres suction bag is placed in the Serres Nemo. An automated 20-second emptying cycle is run. When the cycle is finished, the empty Serres suction bag can be disposed of in accordance with hospital-specific instructions.

The Serres integrated solution reduces the risk of splash back contamination and spills in the OR, while speeding up turnover times and workflows. Instead of disposing full suction bags, it limits the disposal cost to the empty suction liner, creating savings disposal-by-disposal. With fast and easy set up, surfical team can work more efficiently while reducing the amount of expensive infectious fluid waste, and meeting the sustainability goals.

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