The integrated Serres solution revolutionizes surgical fluid management at Karlstad Central Hospital

Åke Rundqvist, OR Nurse
Karlstadt Central Hospital, Sweden

Karlstad Central Hospital in Sweden has relied on the Serres solution for surgical suction and fluid waste disposal for several years. For the staff, the solution has been revolutionary, Operating Room Nurse Åke Rundkvist describes.

In 2015, Karlstad Central Hospital started to look for a fluid management solution for their new surgical facility development.

"In the past we had used a different system that did not work well. It used to take 15 minutes to empty a single suction bag so we had to find a solution that would work faster as we had so many bags to empty every day," says Rundkvist.

Rundkvist and his colleagues got to know about Serres through the Serres Suction Bag system trial in their operating theatre. Soon they were also convinced to test the Serres Nemo fluid for the on-site disposal of the fluid medical waste.

At Karlstadt, the integrated Serres solution changed the way the staff works.

The difference between the old and the new way of working is revolutionary. The entire process takes only 20 seconds, which is much less time than what we used to spend on fluid waste disposal, allowing staff to quickly return to the operating theatre,"says Operating Room Nurse Sven Brinckmann.

Full Serres Suction Liners are placed in the container to be emptied and cleaned. After 20 seconds, empty Serres Suction Bag can be disposed of. So the process becomes quick, easy and hygienic.

Staff at Karstadt Central Hospital also value the convenience of keeping the Serres Nemo clean.

"With the previous system we had to spend hours every week on cleaning machines as blood and other bodily fluids would burn into the equipment we were using. But with Serres Nemo that doesn't happen. That is a difference. An incredible difference,"says Rundkvist.

"It has been revolutionary for our part. Previously we had to, in principle, stand and struggle with a scrubbing brush in order to clean the machine- that is no longer necessary", Rundkvist continues.

"There is no challenge in using Serres Nemo. It is great that it is so fast. Serres Nemo would definitely be something for other hospitals too," Brinckmann recommends.