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Strategic steps towards environmental sustainability in the healthcare industry

Beyond focusing on patient care, a growing number of healthcare professionals have recognized the importance of environmental sustainability as part of their effort to help others. While taking steps to improve environmental sustainability is certainly admirable, it is vital that these steps be practical and align with budgetary constraints when implemented in the healthcare industry. 

While other industries may be more willing to try new technologies and strategies to promote sustainability, healthcare facilities must find solutions proven to work in the unique healthcare environment. A strategic approach to sustainability in healthcare should incorporate factors such as an understanding of limited funding and tight budget constraints. 

For this reason, it is important that healthcare professionals seek solutions that not only improve environmental sustainability but can also be implemented in line with budgetary plans. A key consideration that may be overlooked is the cost savings associated with sustainable solutions.

One study suggests that $15 billion could be saved over 10 years if all U.S. hospitals introduce more sustainable policies, such as curtailing unnecessary waste, while introducing smart purchasing and recycling (Kaplan, S. et al. 2012). 

When taking strategic steps towards environmental sustainability, healthcare organizations may want to start by first looking at their fluid waste collection and disposal processes. Given the high cost of incinerating full suction bags as infectious hospital waste, these processes are often in need of an update that encompasses both environmental and cost-effective initiatives. 

As a progressive leader in fluid management solutions for healthcare organizations, Serres has developed solutions that offer both sustainability and cost reduction benefits. Designed with the environment in mind, Serres Suction Bags are exceptionally light and compact. This makes for more compact package sizes and lower logistics and inventory costs. The use of thin, yet exceptionally durable, plastic film reduces the amount of raw material compared to other products on the market. 

The latest example of Serres sustainable solutions is the new Serres Nemo suction bag emptying equipment. Instead of disposing full suction bags, Serres Nemo flushes the suction bag’s contents into the sewer, thereby reducing hospital waste and offering healthcare professionals a more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective option for fluid waste disposal. Serres Nemo also achieves top marks for user-friendliness, hygienic performance and safety. 

As a leader in fluid waste management systems, Serres is committed to environmental sustainability. Contact our specialists to learn how your healthcare facility can implement more cost-effective and environmentally friendlier fluid waste management solutions today.