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Heighten clinician safety and cost savings with new medical waste disposal equipment

The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued multiple statements regarding the importance of properly contained and removed medical fluid waste. According to recent reports, safe waste management in healthcare facilities is essential for the provision of patient-centered care.*

Such systems have been shown to reduce healthcare associated infections, decrease the cost of care, and improve overall staff satisfaction.

What’s more, accepted methods for medical fluid waste disposal are often rife with dangers to clinical staff. A common method of disposing medical fluid waste for low/medium volume cases involves staff manually opening suction bags and pouring contents down the drain. This process unnecessarily exposes staff to splashing and bloodborne pathogens such as Hepatitis C and HIV and increases the spread of HAIs (healthcare associated infections). In addition, these disposal methods can create financial strain on healthcare institutions. 

To help meet the WHO’s recommendations and new best practices for low/ medium volume cases which increase the safety and cost savings associated with medical fluid waste management, Serres has introduced new medical fluid waste disposal equipment that reduces infection control risk for clinical staff.

The new Serres Nemo  eliminates the need for clinical staff to open suction bags, which significantly reduces staff exposure to splashing and bloodborne pathogens. The Serres Nemo sits in your decontamination room and can connect directly to a water and sewage line. When a sealed suction bag is removed from a canister, it can be taken to the decontamination room and placed directly into the Serres Nemo fluid disposal equipment.

From there, the process is simple. Just close the Serres Nemo with the suction bag inside and press the start button. At the end of an automated 20 second cycle, the emptied and flushed suction bag is removed and can be disposed of in accordance with recycling labeling and healthcare facility-specific instructions.

And then there is the additional benefit of cost savings. Eliminating the need to dispose of filled suction bags or canisters as expensive potentially infectious liquid waste can save healthcare institutions a significant amount of money, allowing for a more cost-effective fluid waste disposal.  

To learn more about the Serres Nemo fluid waste disposal equipment, contact your local Serres distributor today.


*) Healthcare facilities and waste. (2018). Retrieved from https://www.who.int/water_sanitation_health/facilities/en/