Klinikum Gütersloh relies on the integrated Serres solution for fluid collection and fluid disposal

Klinikum Gütersloh, Germany

Klinikum Gütersloh was looking for a more modern and cost-effective way to dispose of the surgical fluids that are collected during medical procedures. They also wanted to improve the whole workflow and safety at work.

"Our employees were previously kept really busy with the reusable canisters because they needed to be manually emptied, washed and sanitized," says Klaus Birwe, Head Nurse and OR Coordinator with Klinikum Gütersloh.


Klinikum Gütersloh compared different options and found out about the integrated Serres solution for fluid collection and disposal that creates an unrivaled closed system supporting the entire process from start to finish.

Since Klinikum Gütersloh started using Serres for fluid collection and disposal, they have achieved significant cost savings, improved staff safety and enhanced the whole workflow around surgical suction.


Cleaning up fluid disposal with Serres Nemo

"With Serres our work has become more hygienic"

The operation of Serres Nemo is simple. "Staff can simply place the Serres Suction Bag into Serres Nemo, close the lid, press start and the equipment will take care of the rest," Christine Aulburg, cleaner of the OR explains.

"At the end of the automated 20 second cycle, the empty Serres Suction Bag is removed and thrown in the waste bin, " she continues.

Up to 80% cost savings

Heiko Sahm, Waste Manager of Klinikum Gütersloh is satisfied with the cost savings the Serres solution has brought.

"Thanks to the Serres solution, we are saving money. Instead of disposing full suction bags as hazardous waste, we now benefit from up to 80% cost savings"

"Even if we'd dispose the fluids as regular hospital waste as we used to, we'd still realize 25% cost savings. Those are remarkable cost savings," Mr. Sahm continues.

"Our staff is happy"

According to Mr. Sahm, the Serres solution has proved its worth because it has been an immense improvement for all people involved in the process of surgical suction.

"We have achieved the desired cost savings, our procedures are now more hygienic than before, and our staff is happy. I can definitely recommend the Serres solution," Mr. Sahm concludes.