Serres Nemo at Clinique Beau Soleil Montpellier – Laurent Mairot

Laurent Mairot, Chief Pharmacist
Clinique Beau Soleil Montpellier, France

Today, the healthcare industry cannot afford to overlook the environmental impact of hospital waste. Not only does it affect the bottom line of hospitals, but it also touches on the reputation of healthcare facilities among customers. A person very aware of this challenge is Laurent Mairot, Chief Pharmacist, at Clinique Beau Soleil in Montpellier, France.  

“ I was immediately excited by the Serres solution because it answers all the demands that were ending up on my office desk.” 

Thanks to Serres Nemo, Mairot found an effective way to realize his ambition. 

“Serres Nemo is also a way for us to think about sustainable development in our hospital. It is a concrete action to limit our impact on the environment,” Mairot underlines.