Serres Nemo at Clinique Beau Soleil Montpellier

Lucie Chassary, Ward Domestic
Clinique Beau Soleil Montpellier, France

Nursing staff at Clinique Beau Soleil in Montpellier, France are using Serres Nemo to bring a new level of safety and efficiency to everyday fluid waste disposal and management. They welcome how introducing the new fluid waste disposal equipment to their workflow has reduced workload and minimized risk of exposure to contaminant waste. 

“If you consider the decrease in weight as well as the reduced risk of blood exposure, Serres Nemo is simply more practical,” says Lucie Chassary, Ward Domestic. 

Serres Nemo for better workflow 

Chassary and her colleagues Marcel Bella, Nurse, and Pauline Delavane, Ward Domestic, handle hundreds of liters of fluid waste daily, and welcome a solution that makes life easier and safer. 

Bella is happy with having less waste to carry daily.  

“Frankly, Serres Nemo helps a lot because I used to have to carry heavy loads for disposal.” 

For him, the reduction in workload is first and foremost a physical relief. 

“We also use far less suction bags than before.” 

In fact, the more fluid-intensive a procedure is, the more advantages Serres Nemo offers to both workflow optimization and hospital waste management. 

“On an average day with plenty of urological operations, we now use only about 40 bags at most,” Pauline Delavane, Ward Domestic, adds.  “That’s far less than what we used in the past.”