Backflow valve prevents spillages

Serres Suction Bags with a backflow valve provide improved hygiene. The valve prevents fluid spillage from the patient port before it is plugged.

There is no risk of spillage with properly plugged or capped suction bags. Yet the backflow valve can save your day in case you accidentally grab the handle of an uncapped suction bag. The lid is equipped with an anti-reflux valve that effectively prevents liquid from coming out of the bag even if the patient port is open.

Suction bags with a backflow valve are ideal for maximum safety and avoiding spillages. The backflow valve guarantees complete peace of mind in your daily work.

Serres backflow valve bags offer the same performance and reliability as standard Serres suction bags. For maximum user comfort, the 2L and 3L backflow valve bags are folded to make installation more convenient and faster. A 1L backflow valve bag is also available.