Dual filter suction for dealing with smoke

Suction bags with a dual filter are ideal for procedures that produce significant amounts of smoke. An extra filter pre-inserted into the lid of the dual filter suction bag ensures optimal suction efficiency and air flow throughout the entire procedure.

During the suction process, aerosols pass through the overflow filter, which closes suction automatically when it comes in contact with fluids. If an excessive amount of aerosol or smoke is suctioned, the extra filter prevents premature blockage of the overflow filter.

Serres Suction Bags with a dual filter can be used independently or connected in series. In a serial connection the dual filter suction bag can be installed in each canister or in the last canister in the series.

The dual filter suction bag is available in 2L and 3L sizes and is folded to ensure the best possible user experience.

Serres dual filter suction bags can be easily distinguished from other Serres Suction Bags thanks to a gray colored lid.