Save space in your warehouse

Serres Suction Bags take up to three times less space than other disposables. This can reduce storage space requirements by up to 88%. In fact, disposable canisters for medical fluid suction not only take up space, but also require extensive stock management. Using Serres Suction Bags instead of canisters helps to eliminate the need for expensive and unnecessary storage. 

Shipping costs are another area where you can save with Serres Suction Bags. For the price of shipping 40 canisters, you can receive over 200 1L suction bags. 

All our suction bag cases are made of 100% recyclable cardboard.

Serres designs its solutions to be easy to use, helping healthcare professionals in everyday operations. We aim to improve the ecological footprint through constant development, and our goal is that our suction bags are the most sustainable available. 

That is why we have made the suction bags as light as possible without compromising on their reliability and performance. At the same time we can ease your everyday in very practical ways with the compact design allowing for lowered transport costs and less required storage space.