Accessories for Serres Nemo fluid disposal equipment

Cleaning the Serres Nemo fluid waste disposal equipment is made easy with the Serres washing tray. Daily use of the Serres washing tray ensures the equipment functions properly, and the emptying container remains hygienic. 

The disposable Serres Nemo washing tray features unique design with sufficient amount of detergent to clean up the container. 

If necessary, the exterior of the Serres Nemo can be cleaned by using a cleaning agent that is intended for disinfecting healthcare devices. However, abrasive detergents or solvents must never be used to clean the interior of the Serres Nemo. 

The standard package size for the Serres washing trays is 40 pieces per package. Serres Washing tray is manufactured from recyclable plastics and the detergent is easily biodegradable. All packing materials are recyclable.