How to service Serres Nemo?

A periodic maintenance programme carried out once a year ensures that the Serres Nemo runs as it should. With regular service we can make sure that Serres Nemo continues to work reliably in daily use.

Basic maintenance includes inspecting the parts of the device that are subject to wear and replacing them when necessary. In addition to periodic maintenance, the inner seal of the lid needs to be changed every six months to ensure excellent hygiene. Changing the inner requires no technical skills, and can be changed by the user.

Serres Nemo is an easy-to-use, safe and cost-effective fluid disposal equipment for Serres suction bags, creating value disposal by disposal. Together with Serres Suction Bags, it creates a seamlessly compatible, hygienic overall solution from suction to fluid hospital waste disposal. 

Spare parts are available, and you can order them from your local Serres distributor or service partner.