Cleaning up fluid disposal

Hygiene is at the top of any hospital’s priorities. Ours too. That is why we design solutions that help healthcare professionals work as safely as possible.

Serres Nemo is a new type of device that helps hospitals deal with fluid disposal in a more hygienic, smooth and cost-efficient way. 

The sealed device allows the emptying of safety-capped suction bags into the sewer without unwanted spills or exposure to hazardous fluids. That’s how Serres Nemo cleans up the entire suction fluid disposal process. Improved hygiene contributes to better occupational safety.

Serres Nemo benefits healthcare professionals and processes directly, and can generate up to 95% savings in waste disposal costs. The more the device is used, the greater the savings. The impact of Serres Nemo on workflow efficiency is also significant, as emptying a full suction bag now takes only 15 seconds.

Serres Nemo is designed to remove the discomfort factor from fluid management. It is a completely contained solution which automatically flushes the fluid waste without any splashing or staff exposure.