Fast fluid disposal with Serres Nemo

Serres Nemo speeds up your everyday workflow. At the same time, it fulfills the high hygiene requirements of any healthcare facility. The emptying and flushing cycle of Serres Suction Bags takes only 15 seconds. You can easily empty even a high number of suction bags in just a few minutes.  

Serres Nemo is designed for ease, safe and fast fluid disposal of Serres suction bags.  

Full suction bags are disposed of either by landfill, costly incineration, or manual emptying by opening the suction liner port and pouring it into the drain in the decontamination area. This process is very time-consuming and exposes staff to splashing and bloodborne pathogens such as Hepatitis C and HVI and increases the spread of HAIS (healthcare associated infections). 

Serres Nemo keeps healthcare professionals clear of spillages and saves time, as well providing clear cost savings to the facility.