Safe fluid disposal with Serres Nemo

Ease of use and safety were the top priorities in designing this new process and equipment. Serres Nemo minimizes the risk of contamination and cleans up the entire process. It is a way to prevent unwanted spills and exposure to biohazardous fluids. 

Serres Nemo has a sealed container into which a Serres Suction Bag is placed for emptying and flushing. Two additional seals on the lid ensure maximum safety, preventing spills and contamination – even in cases where the user has forgotten to cap the open ports.  

Serres Nemo is a new kind of equipment to support healthcare professionals in making the disposal of medical fluid waste more hygienic. It allows you to empty the content of Serres Suction Bags with minimal effort.

By removing the discomfort associated medical fluid waste disposal, healthcare facility staff can complete their work more easily and efficiently. Serres Nemo creates value from both a work efficiency and occupational safety point of view.