Serres Saga is the smart solution for surgical fluid waste management. Designed to manage large quantities of fluid more conveniently, efficiently and safely, Serres Saga provides immediate relief for OR professionals and healthcare facilities.

Immediate relief for operating room staff in managing large fluid volumes safely.
Save time with uninterrupted suction and rapid changeover, regardless of daily fluid amounts.
Improve patient care and safety with real-time liquid deficit monitoring and automatic solidification of suction fluids.
Pioneering surgical flows
Minimally invasive endoscopic & ambulatory procedures involving large quantities of fluids are increasing around the world. More fluids add pressure on nurses using traditional methods to collect and manage fluids.

Watch video to learn how Serres Saga answers both the challenges of more fluid during the procedure and more procedures during the day.

Serres Saga for surgical suction and fluid waste management

Suction & fluid management made smart

The increase of minimally invasive and ambulatory procedures involving large volumes of liquids adds stress and inefficiency in the OR. 


Serres Saga is designed to answer this and bring immediate relief to nurses by managing large quantities of fluids safely, improving workflows and enabling well-informed patient care with real-time data. 

Key features
Collect efficiently

Efficient and silent suction is enabled by two independently adjustable suction channels, each with three ports.


Expand capacity

Conveniently expand the 36-liter starting capacity to whatever volume is needed.

Control for better care

Well-informed patient care is supported with accurate real-time data on e.g. liquid deficit.

The Serres solutions for fluid collection, fluid disposal and fluid management ease the daily work at the hospitals, enabling healthcare staff to focus where it matters
Serres Saga is a perfect fit for endoscopic procedures in fields like urology, orthopedics and gynecology

Serres Saga is a perfect fit especially for procedures that involve large fluid volumes in fields such as urology, orthopedics and gynecology. It provides uninterrupted suction with the collection capacity conveniently expandable during surgery.

In addition to improving the flow during surgery, Serres Saga provides faster turnover time between procedures. The smart equipment is ready for the next procedure simply by replacing the manifold.

Fluid waste management in the OR is further improved with the full suction liners being solidified with Serres' unique AutoGel technology. Solidification makes even large quantities of fluid waste easier and safer to handle.

Overall, Serres Saga takes away distractions from healthcare professionals' daily work and allows them to use more time on their primary tasks.

Serres Saga pioneers surgical flows, allowing healthcare professionals to focus where it matters.