Serres Saga key features

Serres Saga improves surgical fluid waste management in the OR by controlling suction, offering unlimited collection capacity, monitoring liquid deficit automatically and solidifying surgical fluid waste on the spot.

Designed together with healthcare professionals, Serres Saga's features support efficient workflows and smooth operations. Safety features prevent risks and improve patient care by giving OR staff control of every aspect of fluid management.

Smooth workflows

Serres Saga offers comprehensive fluid management features: irrigation liquid can be placed on two motorized poles that hold up to 10 liters each. Infectious fluid waste is collected securely into the lightest disposable suction bags. When full, surgical fluid waste is automatically solidified using the unique AutoGel technology.

Serres Saga's smart features improve workflows from individual tasks to entire procedures and throughout the day. During the procedure, Serres Saga secures continuous suction regardless of liquid quantities. After the procedure, Serres Saga allows quick changeover, as the device is ready for the next patient by simply replacing the single-patient manifolds. Through all the phases, Serres Saga's easy-to-use touchscreen provides an at-a-glance overview of liquid flows.