Suction and fluid management made smart

As people live longer and surgical practices develop, minimally invasive endoscopic and ambulatory procedures increase. These types of procedures are convenient for patients and efficient for healthcare facilities, but they also pose a challenge by significantly increasing the quantity of irrigation liquid used to improve visibility during the procedure.

The increase of minimally invasive surgeries involving large volumes of liquids adds stress and inefficiency in operating rooms.

Serres Saga – Smart control in fluid management

Serres Saga is a new solution designed for smart and efficient management of large fluid quantities, bringing immediate relief to operating room professionals and healthcare facilities.

Serres Saga is the smart solution designed to manage large quantities of fluid more conveniently, efficiently and safely. 

Relief in daily work for OR professionals

Serres Saga eases nurses' everyday by ensuring continuous suction through the surgery and throughout the day, regardless of fluid volumes. 

Serres Saga improves daily workflows in the OR. Thanks to quick setup and minimal cleanup, the changeover time is fast, which decreases turnover time between patients.

Serres Saga brings safety for staff and patients alike through automatic solidification of suction fluids enabled by unique AutoGel technology.

Smart monitoring of fluid deficit enables well-informed decision-making for better patient care, preventing post-operative complications.