Nordic Arena for NEMO at the Nordic Hygiene Conference 2017

Fri 15 Sep 2017 01:16:00 PM EEST

Another shining moment for NEMO 

SERRES at Nordic hygiene conference 2017As this year´s Nordic Hygiene Conference took place September 13-15th in Trondheim, Norway, the Serres team attended together with its Norwegian distributor Wellspect. Backed-up with already many success stories from Finland and Sweden, Norway offered the ideal location to further increase the recognition and use of the Serres suction bag emptying device NEMO in the Nordic region.

The Nordic Association for Hygiene Nurses invited to the exhibition with the focus on up-to-date topics, such as risk and vulnerability analysis, architecture and cleaning related to resistant microbes. Additionally, the over 200 medical hygiene specialists had the chance to meet the latest services and solutions from over 30 exhibitors.

The participants could watch and even try out NEMO themselves, getting to know its benefits first hand. Specific advantages mentioned by the visitors were the easiness of use, safety, and most importantly the tremendous cost savings which can be achieved by hospitals and other healthcare institutions when using NEMO.

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