Poll results from November-December

Tue 18 Dec 2012 08:30:00 AM EET

In our November – December poll we asked you When selecting your suction system supplier, which criteria out of these four do you find to be the most important? And the options here were

  • Usability
  • Complete product offering
  • Environmental aspects
  • Local training and service

According to this poll, suction system users value especially that the product is convenient and easy to use (usability 38% of the votes). Anthony Lasaitis, Serres Business Development Manager at Lifehealthcare Distribution Pty Ltd Australia verifies that the Serres Suction system is much easier to use than others in the market place. The design is very simple but also very effective and the user has no difficulty ensuring adequate suction is created and maintained.

- Some of the frequent comments that I hear is that it is easy to use, removing the liner and capping the patient port is easy and seals the liner nicely. I am also told that it is well designed and manufactured providing a quality product that is also value for money, Lasaitis says.

But complete product offering was not far, with 34% of the given votes. According to product manager Ari Järvinen Serres product range with its accessories is clearly the most comprehensive in the market and it adapts well to the most of the clinical cases.

- However we continuously keep developing the product range so that in the future we can fulfill the customer needs even better, he points out.

- The Serres Suction system is versatile to meet the many different environments found in a busy hospital. From an operating theatre that has a customized trolley to meet the high fluid demands of a Urology list to an Endoscopy department and its requirements to an acute Intensive Care Department, there is a Serres configuration that meets these needs perfectly, confirms Lasaitis from Australia.

Local training and services received 15% of the votes and we believe that also this aspect has been taken very well care of by our professional distributors all over the world.

Environmental aspects (11%) are most likely an aspect that is slowly but steadily becoming more and more important in hospital purchases as well.

We want to thank all who participated in this poll. Our new Serres poll for December-January is now open for new votes!