SERRES attended a surgical congress in Barcelona to affirm its role as a market leader in Spain

Mon 07 Nov 2016 09:35:00 AM EET

SERRES displayed its high-quality products in the Barcelona surgical congress on 19–21 October 2016

XII CONGRESO NACIONAL DE ENFERMERÍA QUIRÚRGICA brought operating room nurses and surgical staff together to a three-day event in Barcelona. SERRES was present at the congress to show off its suction bag system and to affirm its role as a market leader in Spain.

According to Product Manager Ari Järvinen from SERRES, the company’s products are widely used throughout Spain, however not all hospital staff is aware of the company behind the products they use on a daily basis:

– Our aim for Barcelona was to stress upon the hospital professionals that it is the Finnish company SERRES that is responsible for these high-quality products. I think we succeeded in making an impact.