Serres Nemo calculator

Tue 01 Nov 2016 10:30:00 AM EET

Check right now how much Serres Nemo can reduce waste disposal costs at YOUR facility:

Serres Nemo calculator

Serres Oy has developed Serres Nemo, emptying device for emptying Serres 2 and 3 L standard suction bags

• Serres Nemo is extremely cost efficient and fast, emptying suction bag takes only 20 seconds
• Serres Nemo is easy to use and with its innovative washing tray, it offers excellent hygiene
• Serres Nemo is closed system that is easy to use and offers safer way to handle and empty suction bags
• Serres Nemo has clear, functional design and it is compact enough to fit even in tight spaces

Customer feedback received from Serres Nemo users:

- Definitely recommend, speeds up everyday workflow
- Must have
- Good, clear, simple
- Extremely easy to use
- Empties bags fast and hygienic
- Improves safety in work