Serres success in USA

Wed 28 Sep 2016 12:15:00 PM EEST

Press release – Wednesday, Sebtember 14, 2016


All Partners HealthCare Network Facilities Approved to Use Serres Suction Systems

SPRINGFIELD, MASS. – Serres Inc., a leading manufacturer of surgical suction systems for healthcare professionals, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Massachusetts General Hospital in which Serres Suction systems will be used in all operating room (OR) procedures. Serres is working directly with the Perioperative Department, and has already converted all of Mass Generals’ OR departments.

The Serres liquid handling systems are significantly more eco-friendly and efficient than competing products on the market. Large medical institutions face many challenges associated with waste reduction generated by the OR Departments. It is typical for hospitals the size of Mass General to generate upwards of 40,000+ pounds of plastic medical waste annually on OR suction and fluid collection products alone. The Serres Suction system can drastically reduce this waste by up to 80% while offering the safety, reliability and innovation required by these institutions.

Serres’ innovative product offering entered the US market in 2015, bringing with it over 40 years of clinical experience providing solutions to leading hospital and healthcare systems around the world. Serres provides a uniquely reliable and essentially error-free solution, with a remarkably easy-to-use design. Now used in 38 countries and in more than 40,000 surgeries daily, Serres is currently the largest European manufacturer of suction systems for hospitals and acute-care facilities and is the 2nd largest globally.

“We have worked closely with Mass General to provide an innovative and eco-friendly liquid handling solution while ensuring the safety and reliability they demand for their patients and clinical staff. We are pleased to be working with one of the world’s most prestigious health organizations and helping them maintain their high level of excellence.” said Jason Pfeiffer, US Sales Manager for Serres Inc. “Serres will deliver error-free solutions at lower cost for Mass General while reducing plastic waste and improving operational efficiency.”

Serres customers regularly tout their products as superior given a number of factors, including:

  • Ease-of-use due to the single-connection design
  • lower infection risk for patients and clinical staff coming from the safe and easy handling of the suction bag system
  • efficient stock management, related to compact design which enables storage in 1/3 of the competition’s space, saving on inventory and logistical expenses
  • safe and convenient waste disposal after collection

Serres’ patented design provides a set of compatible accessories that can be seamlessly attached to its suction bags, making their products compatible for different needs of surgical suction. This makes the Serres product fully functional and always available in different applications and in critical situations.

About Serres

Serres is a 42-year-old, leading European manufacturer of suction systems for healthcare professionals. The Serres patented single-connection suction bag solution is used in 38 countries. Serres Inc. is based in Springfield, Massachusetts.

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