Suction & fluid management made smart

We are dedicated to make fluid collection and fluid disposal smarter, so that healthcare professionals can better focus where it matters.



Our products are used in situations where there is no room for failure. That’s why all our products undergo rigorous testing for maximum reliability.
We work closely with healthcare professionals directly or through our distributors. Our products are designed to improve the entire healthcare workflow.
We develop holistic solutions around suction that ensure a controlled environment throughout the process.
Serres integrated solution for fluid collection and disposal
Serres fluid collection and disposal solution is ideal for low to medium volume cases to replace the costly practice of incinerating full suction bags, and the outdated and unsafe process of pouring waste down the hopper. Watch video to learn more.

Suction is just one part of the process that makes up modern healthcare. Yet it is an essential part of patient treatment – one that healthcare professionals must rely on completely. Serres, for its part, is dedicated to developing solutions for fluid collection, fluid disposal and fluid management. We ensure that each of these critical phases around suction works, so that hospital staff can focus on their jobs more effectively. 

Our expertise around suction has centered on fluid collection since the 1970s. We have provided suction bags and canisters as part of the Serres Suction Bag System, while at the same time serving hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world. We have always taken pride in creating durable, easy-to-use and reliable products that help healthcare professionals excel in their work.     

From suction to disposal

Pioneering has also been an integral part of our DNA from the very beginning. Having this specific focus area has allowed us to develop new products and systems. From fluid collection we have broadened our scope to include fluid waste disposal and fluid management around suction. Our commitment to continuous development enables us to serve customers with solutions that go beyond our trusted disposables.

When we talk about fluid management in general, we take a holistic approach to the entire process from suction to disposal – and even further. We create solutions for tracking, collecting and disposing of fluid waste.

Each drop needs to be collected, secured and disposed of without risk to patients, healthcare professionals or the environment.  

In fact, conventional medical fluid waste solutions often include costs and risks that take valuable time away from patient care and treatment. Serres looks to prevent these issues with smart solutions that make treatment pathways as hygienic, safe, sustainable and efficient as possible. 

From disposables to holistic solutions

A major step forward in cleaning up the fluid disposal process has been the development of Serres Nemo, an innovative solution for emptying suction bags. By working closely with healthcare professionals in hospitals, we discovered that there is a clear need to make disposal safer and more efficient.

Hospitals also want suction solutions that can be easily integrated with existing systems and procedures. Consequently, when we design new products, we always make sure they can be integrated seamlessly into the bigger healthcare workflow.  

Moreover, as the number of operations that involve large quantities of liquid increases, so does the need for improved fluid management. Even if suction bags fill up faster than before, healthcare professionals still need to focus on their job and not have to worry about fluid waste management. It also means making sure Serres products are always at hand when needed through our trusted distribution network. Ensuring availability and on-time delivery of products keeps the entire process flowing for everyone’s benefit.  

When we at Serres do our part, people who rely on our solutions can better focus where it matters.

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