Environmental impact

As the progressive leader, we always seek new ways to reduce our impact on the environment to benefit our customers with safe and sustainable solutions around suction. Our sustainability initiatives extend from lean manufacturing and efficient use of raw materials to product design, product range optimization and end-of-life solutions for medical fluid waste disposal. 


We prioritize sustainable raw materials. Our suction bags and canisters are PVC free. Upon incineration PVC contributes to the level of dioxin, which is extremely toxic to humans and the environment.   


Smart use of resources translates into lower CO2 emissions during incineration. The Serres suction bags use much less plastics compared to some other solutions in the market. When incinerated, the Serres suction bag results in up to 58% reduction on CO2 emissions.   


Thanks to efficient use of raw materials, the Serres liners are also extremely light and compact to transport and store. 


Combined with the fully compatible product range that requires up to 75% less references, the Serres suction system eases inventory management and storage space optimization. In fact, with Serres suction bags hospitals enjoy up to 88% reduction on corrugate storage space creating savings throughout the chain. In addition to storage space optimization, the Serres suction bag system takes up much less space within the truck, helping reduce unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions from transportation. Package optimization also minimizes the resulting packaging waste, making Serres a sustainable choice for the hospitals. 


On top of our reliable suction bag system for fluid collection, we also have a solution for disposing the infectious fluid medical waste in a safe and sustainable way.

Serres Nemo is designed for on-site disposal of fluid medical waste.  Serres Nemo flushes the contents of the Serres suction bags into the sewer in only 20 seconds.  At the end of the cycle, the empty suction bag is removed and disposed of in accordance with the hospital-specific instructions. With Serres Nemo, healthcare facilities can reduce hospital waste and the related disposal costs by up to 97%, while minimizing the risk of contamination.  Serres Nemo earns savings with every use by reducing waste and removing the need for transporting full bags into incinerators for costly final disposal.