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Progress together on our growth journey

As my own journey with Serres is just about turning into the second year I feel extremely proud of our global team, and very excited about the opportunities ahead of us. 2018 introduced many changes in the organization, especially in sales and marketing as well as product management, product development and life cycle management. In addition to reshaping our management structures, five of our recently employed team members are based outside of Finland, underlining our ambition for growth. These steps are all aimed at being better prepared to implement our strategy towards the global leadership in surgical fluid management.

We are embarking on our next phase and have an exciting growth journey ahead of us. Serres is known for the impeccable quality and user-friendliness of suction bag systems around the world. Our extensive distributor network completes the Serres offering with professional and customer focused services while complementing the offering portfolio. We expand our role in healthcare facilities by bringing new value-adding solutions  and services for making the work of healthcare professionals safer and more efficient. Serres fluid management solutions will also create measurable cost savings and significantly reduce the environmental impact for hospitals and clinics.


Enhanced offering

For decades, Serres has focused on the means to make surgical suction safe and smart. Our passion has always been to help healthcare professionals focus on treating patients by enabling uninterrupted and smooth operation of mission critical suction. We use our global network to observe and learn from nurses, surgeons, biomed engineers, OR managers and hospital waste management departments about their daily challenges concerning suction functionality as well as fluid irrigation, collection and disposal. Learning from our end-user customers is a crucial element of keeping Serres in the leading position of suctioned fluid management.

"We make a difference for healthcare professionals with our value-adding solutions that can be trusted in any situation."

During the past years, we have been developing several new solutions to tackle challenges around suction. A prime example of our continuous development work is the Serres Nemo fluid disposal equipment for Serres suction bags, which is getting very positive feedback from its users. Serres Nemo is integrally connected to our suction bag system, and together they provide a fully closed system from fluid collection to disposal. Serres Nemo helps eliminate any possible splashes or spills during the complete handling procedure of fluid waste. It also provides significant cost savings for hospitals that currently incinerate solidified fluid waste. With Serres Nemo we create value disposal by disposal.

Evolving expression

Growing our role and expanding our offering is also reflected in how we express ourselves. During 2018, we’ve updated our long-term strategy with a well-defined value proposition for smart fluid management solutions from suction to disposal. “Focus where it matters” describes our approach best. We focus our expertise on fluid management around suction so that our customers can focus on treating patients. We make a difference among healthcare professionals by providing value-adding solutions that can be trusted in any situation. Our value proposition also guides us internally, giving our work purpose and direction. Further guiding us are our updated brand attributes:

Trusted – we are recognized as a trusted partner
Expert – we are the best at what we do
Progressive – we always enhance the process
Caring – we care about the impact we have on people’s lives

Our progress is also visible in our visual identity and renewed website that tells the Serres story also through the customers’ eyes. Customer testimonials convey a powerful message about the value we bring to the daily lives of operating room staff. Serres.com offers more in-depth information about our solutions and shows our expertise in proper context for various stakeholders within the hospital environment. Coming out with an up-to-date marketing vehicle is a major milestone on our growth journey.

We’ve set ambitious goals for the coming years for expanding geographically as well as introducing new solutions to the marketplace. With our present distribution network, we address about one third of the world’s population. Our actions in 2019 and beyond are aimed at making Serres fluid management solutions available also for the missing two-thirds. 2019 will again see some exciting product launches, which will simplify operational procedures, support better infection control, improve hospital waste management and reduce overall suction-related costs. 

Step-by-step, as we’ve done since decades, we want to help healthcare professionals around the world to focus where it matters.

I feel proud to be part of this journey.

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