Covid-19 - Serres actions to support our partners and secure increased demand for suction liners

Covid-19 virus is creating exceptional circumstances all over the world. It is rapidly changing our lives and reshaping our priorities on daily basis.

In many countries hospitals need to dramatically boost the number of regular and intensive care unit beds. Existing hospitals are extended, some hotels are being turned into hospitals and new temporary hospitals are being build. Every ICU bed need to be equipped with a disposable suction liners.

Hospitals are also increasing the inventory levels of disposable items. There is clearly increasing need to suction liners in the market at the moment.

During the last two weeks Serres has received extra-large orders from several markets.

Some of these extra orders are significant in size and we cannot deliver all in once, we need to deliver in batches.

Serres has two manufacturing plants in Finland and they are geographically located in different regions. We are now implementing all possible actions to ensure that our production lines at both factories are running full capacity. We have implemented strict travel policies between manufacturing sites as well as different offices. We have done preparations for extra material inventory for the main raw materials.

We will of course follow all the guidance and instructions of local and EU officials.

We are going to stretch our resources for your benefit like never before

We are recruiting new employees to both factories. Our factories will be running in three shifts and also during weekends. We will reserve logistics capacity for these increased deliveries.

Even though some of your orders have to be split over couple of weeks, we will ensure that all of our distributors have enough products to support hospitals over this critical times.

We are going to get through this crisis as partners!


Take care!

Juha Korhonen
Sales Operations Manager
Serres Oy
Tel. +358 40 410 7110