Marien-Hospital Erwitte Equips Its OR Teams with the Smart Fluid Management System SAGA 

Espoo – Finland,  November 25, 2021 – Marien-Hospital Erwitte — located in the district of Soest in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany — has equipped its OR teams with the fluid management system SAGA invented by Serres – the pioneering manufacturer of smart solutions focused on surgical suction and fluid management.  

The Shift Away from Floor Drainage Gave Rise to a Need for a Fluid Waste Management Solution

 Marien-Hospital Erwitte was looking for a new solution to manage large volumes of liquid waste generated in endoscopic surgeries that wouldn’t involve the use of floor drains. Getting rid of floor drains all while safely managing liquids was a key priority for the hospital that was preparing for renovations. The aim of the renovations was to get rid of floor drains in the operating theaters so they could be utilized  interchangeably for different types of surgeries.   


Marien-Hospital Erwitte equips its OR teams with the fluid management system Saga


Specialized in urology, orthopedics, trauma surgeries as well as neurosurgery, the staff at Marien-Hospital Erwitte was already familiar with other Serres solutions when they started to evaluate their options. Indeed, the OR teams at the hospital had already been using the Serres Suction Bag System for years to collect and dispose of low volumes of fluids in an effective way.   

Marien-Hospital Erwitte wanted to go one step further by rethinking the way surgical teams manage medical fluid waste. The goal was to equip the team with a smart system that would make fluid management safer, more hygienic, and more efficient in endoscopic surgeries that involve large volumes of liquids. 

Streamlined Processes in the Operating Theaters  

The OR teams started using the SAGA system last summer, in July 2021. They noticed right away that SAGA allowed them to manage large amounts of liquids in a safe and efficient way.   

“What I like most about SAGA is the fact that it makes fluid waste management effortless. Its initial collection capacity of 36 liters allows us to manage large amounts of liquids without having to do any major set ups or to move the device around. The bags are pre-installed in the canisters and they are automatically solidified at the end of the procedures, which lowers risks of spillages or splashes when we handle them”,  explains André Wübbe, Head Nurse at Marien-Hospital Erwitte.  


André Wübbe shares his thoughts on Saga



“Before using SAGA, we had to manually extract the tissue samples from the fluids with a beaker and a sieve so we could send them to the Department of Pathology to get them analyzed. We had to wear protective clothing on top of our surgical scrubs to protect ourselves from spillages and risks of contamination. Things have changed with SAGA. We now handle tissue samples in a more hygienic way and we don’t do all this manual work anymore. Our workload has decreased, we can see the difference!”, ads André Wübbe, Head Nurse at Marien-Hospital Erwitte. 

Improved Visibility and Uninterrupted Surgeries   

Professor Christian Hampel has been leading since 2016 the Department of Urology at Marien-Hospital Erwitte that serves 300,000 inhabitants of the district of Soest. According to him, the SAGA system improves visibility and shortens operating times in key surgeries such as oncosurgeries, transurethral resections, and percutaneous nephrolithotomy procedures:   

“There are basically two different ways to perform TURP procedures. The first one involves continuous suction, which not only does improve visibility during the surgery, but also shortens surgical times by not having to interrupt the surgery to flush out the bladder each time it gets full during the procedure. The second one doesn’t involve surgical suction which means that you have to interrupt the surgery several times to empty the bladder. I personally prefer the first option that I learnt during my training at the University Hospital in Mainz and that you can put into practice with SAGA”.   


Marien-Hospital Erwitte Equips Its OR Teams with Saga



Professor Hampel ads: “When it comes to percutaneous nephrolithotomy procedures, it can happen that the bladder stones are very large. In that case, we need to break them down into small pieces, which might take some time. Thanks to the continuous suction that you can perform with the SAGA system, you have hours of uninterrupted resection ahead of you, which is very convenient. You can better focus on the surgery all while reducing the operating time because you don’t have to interrupt the surgery each time the buckets get full anymore. SAGA is an intuitive solution that is easy to learn, I’m glad that we use it at Marien-Hospital Erwitte!”.  

The smart fluid management system SAGA has been developed by Serres in collaboration with healthcare professionals to manage large fluid volumes more conveniently, safely, and efficiently in the operating theaters. SAGA is part of the Serres offer that includes the Serres Suction Bag System for fluid collection and Nemo for fluid waste disposal. 

About Serres:   

Founded in 1973 in Kauhajoki, in the province of Southern Ostrobothnia in Western Finland, Serres has become a progressive leader in the fluid management industry. Our mission is to help healthcare professionals succeed in their daily work and better focus where it matters — patients’ care and safety. To do so, our teams are dedicated to developing innovative solutions that make every step of fluid management smarter, safer and more hygienic, all the way from fluid collection, fluid disposal and fluid deficit measurement. Today, our solutions are utilized in over 60,000 surgeries per day around the world and we serve our customers in 50+ countries through our global network of authorized distributors. Serres is part of Paree Group Oy that employs 450+ employees and has an annual turnover of 70 MEUR (2020).   

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