Serres to accelerate growth in Colombia, new partnership with LM Instruments S.A signed

The partnership agreement between Serres Oy and LM Instruments S.A. enables LM Instruments s.A to represent one of the world's leading medical suction portfolio; The Serres Medical Fluid Management System in the Colombian market.  

 “One of the key decision-making factors was the high quality of the Serres Suction Bags system. In our motto, quality in providing world-class service, Serres will be our ally to guarantee the entire service cycle." Catalina Castillo, Development Director at LM instruments S.A.

Serres is the progressive leader in smart medical fluid management solutions development.

Our fluid suction and disposal systems are used in more than 60 000 operations per day and in over 50 markets worldwide“ Larri Fonsén, Business Development Manager at Serres

LM Instruments S.A. team has extensive experience and deep market knowledge that makes this strategic partnership mutually beneficial.” Larri continues. 

The partnership between Serres Oy and LM Instruments S.A. marks a significant step towards providing high-quality fluid suction and disposal solutions to Colombia's hospitals and clinics. Adding the Serres medical fluid management solutions to LM Instruments S.A.'s portfolio is a testament to their commitment to expanding their offerings and meeting the needs of their customers. With this collaboration, LM Instruments S.A is well-positioned to continue delivering innovative and effective solutions to the Colombian market. 

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LM Instruments S.A.  is a Colombian company with over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry. The company prioritizes delivering effective solutions and can do so successfully thanks to their team's deep market knowledge and extensive experience. Customers can expect high-quality products and services that consistently meet their expectations. Their portfolio includes products for surgery, anesthesia, monitoring, ventilation, endoscopy, and technical services, along with post-sales services. Find out more about LM Instruments S.A. here

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Serres offers a comprehensive fluid management product portfolio. Our products provide an unmatched, cost-efficient, hygienic, and safe method for fluid collection and disposal. Serres fluid suction bags have a 1 in a million-failure rate, providing ease of mind even in the most hectic moments in the OR.  

 We support over 60 000 operations per day, in over 50 countries through our partners. Working closely with healthcare professionals and our trusted partners, we continuously develop our products and offering to ease the everyday life of the people who rely on our solutions day in day out.  Environmental responsibility is at the core of everything we do. We focus on minimizing the environmental impact of healthcare by looking at the entire value change from medical fluid solution design to its usage and disposal.