Serres expands suction system portfolio with launch of new vacuum source protector

ESPOO, Finland, May 26, 2019 — Serres, the progressive leader in smart fluid management solutions around suction, today launched its new vacuum source protector. It prevents the contamination of the hospital’s central vacuum system and suction pump in case of an unpredictable failure of the fluid collection system. The vacuum source protector is designed to shut off the vacuum and prevent the suctioned fluids from entering the vacuum line, thereby preventing costly Operating Room (OR) clean-up and downtime.

New vacuum source protector prevents medical vacuum source from contamination and offers enhanced safety, reliability and operational continuity.

A typical cause of an unexpected failure includes human error in installation due to lack of training to properly set up the surgical suction system. If the fluid waste enters the suction source, the entire OR may need to be shut down for vacuum line clean-up. Cleaning the contaminated medical vacuum system takes hours and costs thousands of euros, while the cost of OR downtime is estimated to average 20€ per minute. Other negative effects of an unexpected OR shutdown include rescheduling of surgeries, posing a risk to patient safety. The new Serres vacuum source protector helps hospitals mitigate the risk of costly vacuum system contamination through added safety.

“Operational continuity is a top priority in hospitals. Our passion is to help healthcare professionals focus on patient care by helping enable uninterrupted operations. Adequate user training to operate the suction bag system and added safety measures such as our new vacuum source protector are easy and cost-effective ways to prevent costly contamination of a hospital’s central vacuum system,” says Virpi Metsäranta, Product Group Director, Serres Oy.

“It is always better to try to prevent the hospital vacuum system from contamination as opposed to treating the consequences of the adverse events, and as a global leader in smart fluid management solutions around suction, we are committed to developing progressive solutions that promote safety, reliability and operational continuity at hospitals, helping healthcare professionals focus where it matters,” Mrs. Metsäranta continues.

The vacuum source protector is fully compatible with the Serres Suction System and optimized to provide steady suction performance and flow rate. Recommended to be installed between the suction canister and vacuum source, the vacuum source protector is a hospital disposable that is changed every 30 days or sooner in case the suction efficiency decreases, to maintain adequate flow and vacuum. The disposal of the used product should be done according to hospital-specific instructions.

The new vacuum source protectors are made in Finland and are globally available through authorized Serres distributors in all countries except Japan, US, Australia and Canada in June 2019.

Serres Vacuum Source Protector
Vacuum source protector shuts off the vacuum and prevents the suctioned fluids from entering the vacuum line.
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Marketing Manager
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Serres is the progressive leader in smart fluid management solutions around suction. Its suction bag systems and fluid waste disposal equipment promote safer, smarter and more cost-efficient fluid waste management in hospitals. Supporting over 40 000 operations a day, the Serres medical suction system helps healthcare professionals around the world focus where it matters.