Serres Helps the Clinique Chirurgicale du Libournais to Rethink their Surgical Fluid Management Processes

Espoo - Finland, April 14h, 2021 – The Clinique Chirurgicale du Libournais located in Libourne, Southwestern France, has decided to partner with the pioneering manufacturer of surgical suction and fluid management solutions Serres to improve their fluid waste management process. The clinic was looking for a smart fluid waste management solution that would streamline surgical suction processes in the OR, especially when it comes to managing large volumes of liquids. One of the clinic’s goals was to help OR team members perform surgical suctions with no interruption all while reducing nurses’ workload. 

“Our goal is to make fluid waste management effortless and safe, especially in surgeries that involve large amounts of surgical fluids. We wanted to decrease nursing workload all while lowering contamination risks in the OR and to do that, we pay attention to the insights we get from the surgical teams and we use their feedback in every stage of our development projects", says Laure Lacoste, Product Group Director at Serres. 

“Our goal was to make fluid waste management effortless and safe, especially in surgeries that involve large amounts of surgical fluids" — Laure Lacoste. 


Streamlined Workflows in the Operating Rooms 

The Clinique Chirurgicale du Libournais was looking for a smart fluid waste management system that would improve patients’ safety during endoscopic surgeries all while streamlining processes in the operating rooms. That’s how the clinic became the first healthcare facility in France to use the fluid management system Serres Saga.  

"I think that Serres Saga is a great solution when it comes to surgical fluid management. Its unlimited collection capacity ensures a continuous surgical suction, without having to empty the device during the procedure, which is very convenient for my team. This allows nurses to focus on other tasks related to patient care and safety during surgeries. What's more, Serres Saga makes surgical suction silent, which improves our comfort during surgeries and enhances communication in the OR", says Doctor Coffin, Urological Surgeon at the Clinique Chirurgicale du Libournais. 

"Serres Saga is a great solution when it comes to surgical fluid management. Its unlimited collection capacity ensures a continuous surgical suction, without having to empty the device during the procedure, which is very convenient for my team" — Doctor Coffin. 


A Focus on Patient Safety in the Operating Room

Nurses do not need to track patients’ fluid inputs and outputs during the surgeries anymore. This essential step in preventing complications is now being performed by Serres Saga, which accurately and continuously monitors the volumes of liquids irrigated and recovered during surgeries.  

The screen of the device shows real-time measurements indicating liquid deficit and an alarm system automatically triggers to inform nurses of any abnormalities during the surgery. That way, the OR teams can instantly take action to avoid complications and postoperative care.  

"Thanks to Serres, we no longer perform liquid deficit monitoring ourselves during the surgery and this is a big change for us! The technology developed by Serres reduces risks of errors and it makes surgical suction highly hygienic in the OR, which is one of our top priorities at the clinic", says Houria Guinard, nurse at Clinique Chirurgicale du Libournais. 

"Thanks to Serres, we no longer perform liquid deficit monitoring ourselves during the surgery and this is a big change for us!"  Houria Guinard. 


A Lower Nursing Workload and a Reduced Changeover Time Between Surgeries 

The Serres Saga device is easy to use, which decreases nurses’ workload during surgeries and helps them focus on other tasks that are essential to the patient’s safety. Only a few minutes are required to prepare the device for the next surgery, allowing hospitals and clinics to better optimize the use of the operating rooms throughout the day.  

“We manage to save a lot of time throughout the day with Serres Saga. Getting the device set for the next surgery only requires a few steps, which is highly convenient for us. It allows us to save time between surgeries, which is critical these days, especially in times of pandemic crisis such as the one we're going through now", explains Moustapha Rabo, nurse at Clinique Chirurgicale du Libournais. 

“We manage to save a lot of time throughout the day with Serres Saga. Getting the device set for the next surgery only requires a few steps, which is highly convenient for us" - Moustapha Rabo.  

About Serres: 

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