Serres hosts surgical suction and fluid management demos in Düsseldorf parallel to MEDICA

Helsinki, Finland, November 28, 2019 Last week, Serres had great pleasure to welcome more than 30 distributors to Serres Saga demo events in Düsseldorf held in conjunction with MEDICA, a leading medical trade fair in the world.  Serres distributors were thrilled to see the latest advances in smarter fluid management in the OR, and convinced by Serres Saga’s capabilities to address both the challenges of more fluids during the procedure and more procedures during the day.

The recently launched Serres Saga has been designed to manage large fluid volumes more conveniently, efficiently and safely.

“Higher fluid volumes add stress and inefficiency in the OR. Serres Saga allows healthcare staff to focus on their primary task by reducing a lot of manual and repetitive work often associated with the increased amounts of liquids, “says Laure Lacoste, Product Group Director, Serres Oy.

“Excessive liquid absorption during endoscopic urology or gynaecology procedures can have severe post-operative consequences, often referred as TURP syndrome. Saga displays real-time liquid deficit between irrigated and collected fluids, even when liquid volume is very large. It frees nurses from manual tracking and allows fast reaction for improved patient safety,” Lacoste continues.

“Our long-term distributors have helped hospitals around the world to set standards on reliable and safe fluid collection and disposal for decades. With Saga, we reinvent suction and fluid management again. , concludes Lacoste.


On top of demos, MEDICA provided Serres with a great platform to conduct many successful business meetings with the distributors to shape the sales and marketing plans for the year to come. This year, the traditional distributor dinner gathered full house at the Brewery Im Füchschen of Düsseldorf.

MEDICA took place from 18-21 November 2019 and attracted more than 115 000 visitors as well as 5,100 exhibitors from 70 countries, bringing together the entire spectrum of innovations for outpatient and clinical care.


2019 Medica Serres 1

Fluid deficit is visible on screen at all times.


2019 Medica Serres 2

Product Manager Kimmo Frondelius demonstrating the use of AutoGel solidification.


2019 Medica Serres 3

Thanks to single-patient manifolds and multi-patient suction liners fluids are not in contacts with the device, improving safety and hygiene.


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Marketing Manager
Serres Oy
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About Serres
Serres is the progressive leader in smart fluid management solutions around suction.  Through our solutions, we help healthcare professionals to succeed in their daily work. Our integrated Serres solution for fluid collection and disposal promotes safer, smarter and more sustainable fluid waste management in the hospitals. The new Serres Saga Fluid Management System is designed to manage large fluid volumes in the operating rooms improving efficiency, safety and patient care. Supporting over 60 000 operations a day, the Serres suction systems help healthcare professionals around the world to focus where it matters. 

Serres, a part of Paree Group with 450 employees and annual turnover of 60 MEUR (2018), is a Finnish family-owned company. Our headquarters is in Finland and we serve our customers in 50+ countries with our global distributor network. For more information, visit our website at