Serres improves user experience with the launch of new, low noise suction canisters

The new Serres suction canisters are significantly more silent compared to the old Serres canisters. Comparing to a comparable product on the market, the Serres suction system is up to 1,5dB more silent at the same flow rate.

The new Serres suction canisters have been developed in response to user preferences for lower noise and smoother tone in the OR. Noise pollution is a real challenge in the OR as clinicians and patients alike are exposed to different sounds caused by the equipment. Lower noise helps improve working conditions in the OR, enabling healthcare professionals to better focus on their primary tasks.

Noise reduction has been achieved through angle connector and vacuum channel design changes. In addition to noise and tone changes, the readability of the scale has been improved. Serres brand is now well visible on canisters too.

All new and old Serres suction canister components, including canisters, angle connectors and T-connectors, are fully compatible with each other, and can be used together without restrictions. However, the best noise reduction can only be achieved with the new canisters and angle connectors.

Product codes and prices remain unchanged. The new Serres suction canisters and angle connectors are now in production and globally available through authorized Serres distributors. 

About the test

Comparison of Serres suction system to a comparable suction system. Test set up included canister, suction bag and patient tube, tested at four commonly used vacuum settings. Flow rate was adjusted on the same level in both systems, and decibel meter was placed at equal distance (1m) away from the canisters vacuum channel. Both suction systems were installed in an isolated room in order to eliminate the suction pump noise. The Serres suction system with the improved canister proofed the most silent in all four measured settings.  



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About Serres
Serres is the progressive leader in smart fluid management solutions around suction.  Through our solutions, we help healthcare professionals to succeed in their daily work. Our integrated Serres solution for fluid collection and disposal promotes safer, smarter and more sustainable fluid waste management in the hospitals. The new Serres Saga Fluid Management System is designed to manage large fluid volumes in the operating rooms improving efficiency, safety and patient care. Supporting over 60 000 operations a day, the Serres suction systems help healthcare professionals around the world to focus where it matters. 

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