Serres pioneers surgical fluid management with the launch of Serres Saga®

The Serres Saga Fluid Management System is designed to manage large fluid volumes in operating rooms, improving efficiency, safety and patient care

Serres, the progressive leader in smart fluid management solutions around suction, today launches the Serres Saga® Fluid Management System that collects surgical fluids and measures the volume differential between irrigated and recovered liquid.  Its starting capacity for fluid collection is 36 litres, which can be expanded without interruptions to the procedure.

“Surgical practices have evolved, but the way liquid is collected in the operating room has not developed at the same pace,” notes Laure Lacoste, Product Group Director, Serres Oy.

“Endoscopic and other minimally invasive procedures are increasing around the world. They require liquids to ensure visibility of the surgical site. Serres Saga answers both the challenges of more fluid during the procedure and more procedures during the day,” Lacoste explains.

Serres Saga enables continuous surgical suction without pauses even when fluid volumes are large. Benefits to workflow extend from a single procedure to the whole day. Serres Saga can be used with multiple patients by only changing the manifold between patients and procedures. Quick changeover allows facilities to potentially treat more patients per day.

Real-time data on Serres Saga’s touchscreen tracks the deficit between irrigated and collected liquid. Clinicians can use this information to act faster and help to prevent extended post-operative care due to complications.

“With the rise of liquid volumes, liquid deficit monitoring has become critical to safe patient care. Serres Saga provides the information at a glance, relieving operating room staff from making estimations on-the-go and ensuring well-informed patient care,” says Product Group Director Lacoste.

Efficient and silent suction is enabled with two independently adjustable suction channels. Irrigation fluid can be placed on two motorized poles, each holding up to 10 litres each. Fluid waste is collected securely into disposable suction liners. Once the liner is full, the fluid waste is solidified using Serres’ unique AutoGel technology.

Serres Saga is an addition to the Serres portfolio of smart fluid management solutions that includes the integrated Serres Suction Bag system and Serres Nemo, the fluid disposal equipment.

“We are constantly developing ways to add value for healthcare facilities and improve the daily work and safety of healthcare professionals. Serres Saga reinvents fluid management, expanding our range from fluid collection and fluid disposal to a bigger role in the operating room,” says Mika Hagberg, CEO of Serres Oy.  

“Serres Saga was developed together with operating room staff to make sure it provides relevant solutions to nurses and contributes to patient care. We are excited about the potential of our new Fluid Management System,” Hagberg adds. 

The new Serres Saga fluid management system is now available in the UK, France and Germany with other regions to follow. For more information, watch product video or visit


Serres Saga is the smart solution for managing large surgical fluid volumes in OR, improving efficiency, safety & patient care.
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Marketing Manager
Serres Oy
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Serres is the progressive leader in smart fluid management solutions around suction. Its suction bag systems and fluid waste disposal equipment promote safer, smarter and more cost-efficient fluid waste management in hospitals. Supporting over 40 000 operations a day, the Serres medical suction system helps healthcare professionals around the world focus where it matters.