Surgical Suction and Fluid Management in Times of Covid-19: Highlights of the 19th Global Serres Distributor Meeting

One of our missions at Serres is to help healthcare professionals give their best performance in the OR. That's why we are dedicated to developing solutions that streamline workflows in the operating rooms so surgical teams can better focus on what matters most: proving the best patient care they can.

We believe that knowledge sharing is key when it comes to developing surgical suction and fluid waste management solutions that help healthcare facilities overcome the new challenges they are facing now. That's why we closely work with our distributors. As part of this collaboration, we gather every year during our Global Serres Distributor Meeting so we can share our best practices, experiences and key learnings. 

We hosted earlier this month the 19th Global Serres Distributor Meeting and this edition was a bit different from the previous ones. Indeed, it was the first time ever that we held a virtual Global Serres Distributor Meeting! 

Even though we were not able to meet in person this time, our hosts—Larri Fonsen, Manager Asia Pacific and Carsten Franke, Area Sales Manager—did a fantastic job at keeping our 60+ participants from all over the world engaged and entertained during this two-day event!  


2021 Global Serres Distributors Meeting and surgical suction in Covid times


Surgical Suction and Fluid Management During the Covid-19 Pandemic 

The Global Serres Distributor Meeting started with a welcome speech by Nicke Svanvik, CEO at Serres Oy. A key topic covered by Nicke was the impacts the Covid-19 pandemic is having on the healthcare sector.

Nicke Svanvik raised several questions, including:

  • How do we help healthcare professionals cope with the changes they are going through now? 
  • How do we make sure we equip them with the right solutions so they can catch up with the surgical procedures that have been canceled so far?
  • How do we help them get ready for the third wave of Covid-19 infections most countries are facing? 

Nicke also explained the key role of communication and co-creation in these challenging times. He raised the importance of finding new communication channels so we can better support our clients as well as the importance of driving innovation initiatives forward with med-tech sister companies Innokas Medical and Cubist with a design-thinking and co-creation approach. 


Nicke Svanvik CEO of Serres on fluid management in Covid-19 times


Stéphane Corp, Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing at Serres Oy, continued the discussion with a business review. He explained how the core values we share with our network of 60+ distributors— customer focus, quality, courage to change, fairness and respect, viability— drove our actions in 2020, which was a challenging year due to the pandemic.  

Stéphane explained that constant cooperation is crucial when it comes to providing healthcare professionals with the surgical suction and fluid management solutions they need in a timely manner, especially in these times of uncertainty.


Stéphane Corp VP of Sales and Marketing at Serres on the challenges hospitals are facing during Covid-19


Co-creation and Knowledge Sharing at the Heart of our Organization 

As mentioned above, enhancing cooperation and co-creation is a top priority at Serres. That’s why our distributors were encouraged to share their experiences and reflect on how the pandemic is changing hospitals’ needs and the healthcare sector overall. 

To make knowledge sharing more engaging and interactive, our distributors were invited to join quizzes, live chats, presentations and panel discussions. 

For example, our partners Mike Brown, Divisional Manager at GBUK Healthcare, and José Pereira, founder at Teprel, shared their best practices for organizing and running educational webinars dedicated to healthcare professionals. Toni Calvert, National Territory Manager at LifeHealthcare, explained the importance of communicating with hospitals and clinics on a constant basis in these challenging times. 


Serres discusses the impacts of Covid-19 on healthcare in 2021 and beyond


This two-day virtual distributor meeting was all about helping each other find the best ways possible to help healthcare professionals cope with the challenging Covid-19 times we’re going through and based on the results we got so far from the feedback survey, we can say that this new edition of the Global Serres Distributor Meeting was a great success!  

We would like to give a big thanks to our hosts, speakers, panelists and all our distributors that joined our virtual meeting. We look forward to seeing you (in person or virtually) next year!