Building new partnerships

Our distributors play a key role in our success. They represent Serres in regions around the world. And as our sales force they are often the closest contact our users have with Serres. 

As we expand into new regions, we seek enforcements to our network of trusted distributors. We expect a lot of each distributor who works as the exclusive representative of Serres in their region, and we offer a unique position in return. 

The people who rely on Serres every day, expect the products to be at hand whenever and wherever they need them. To provide them with on-time deliveries for the vital moments of patient care we work together with distributors. 

Expectations and benefits 

We offer a partnership with a progressive leader in its own field. Serres is focused on smart fluid management solutions around suction, and are known for quality and reliability in that field. We continue to develop the efficiency and safety of processes in healthcare facilities with our solutions. 

We expect our distributors to have a dedicated product specialist for the Serres offering, giving both us and the clients a clear link. 

Distributors will be expected to have the capabilities to sell both disposables and equipment. As part of expanding more and more into equipment with Serres Nemo, we are developing our after sales support. Serres will provide training for distributors on servicing and maintaining equipment.

Forward-looking by nature 

Our distribution network is our sales channel. So we place a lot of trust and faith in each distributor we work with, and expect close collaboration at all times. We provide you with the latest information of what we are developing as well as materials to support your sales. 

Progress is in our nature, and we continuously seek to develop smart fluid management solutions around suction. Serres Suction Bags are an essential that healthcare professionals know for its quality and reliability. Serres Nemo represents a new direction Serres are expanding into, and answers the needs of hospitals to make their processes more fluid, efficient and safe. Hospitals are increasingly looking for more integrated solutions, and when we design new products we look at how they work together with each other.  

Get in touch 

If you are a distributor, who sees Serres as a potential addition to your portfolio, get in touch with us. We offer a fruitful partnership with cutting-edge products. Serres are on an exciting growth journey to provide healthcare professionals with solutions that help them to focus where it matters.