Mediplast perceives Serres as a progressive and caring collaborator

Björn, Product Specialist
Mediplast, Sweden

Serres products can be found in virtually all hospitals, private and public, in Denmark and Sweden.

"It is nice to be involved in a product that is so important in hospitals," says Björn, Product Specialist at Mediplast.

Mediplast's office in Malmö is in full swing. In their newly renovated and expanded warehouse, the trucks are running back and forth with pallets of supplies.

"We are currently one of the largest suppliers to hospitals in the Nordic countries," says Lotta,

Product Manager at Mediplast. We supply everything from expensive devices to disposable products; the only thing we actually do not supply is medicine. Mediplast has been around since 1960 and for the last ten years Mediplast has been the distributor of Serres products in the Nordic region.

"Serres inspires great confidence. We are listened to; we are able to take part in their plans and thoughts and I think that is worth a great deal of respect," says Björn.

"The products are of very high quality"

"It is absolutely crucial that such a small product works in the operating room. It can be critical if the suction does not work — it just has to work. And this is seen with Serres products; they work when you need them to,’ says Björn.

During an operation, among other things, it is necessary for the safety of the patient that secretions of different types are quickly suctioned. It is also important that the equipment can be cleaned quickly and efficiently. With the help of Serres suction bags and suction system, the operation can be performed in a safe manner, and with the help of the Serres Nemo fluid hospital waste disposal equipment, the suction bags can be cleaned safely and quickly.

"There is a consistent mindset at Serres; they make sure that the products are of very high quality and that they are also environmentally friendly in such a way that packaging is done in a space efficient manner," says Lotta.

Now the Serres Nemo fluid disposal equipment is a natural and important part in virtually all clinics in southern Sweden.

"When I have asked: 'How would you survive today without Serres Nemo' the usual answer is like 'if you remove it, then we will not be able to manage. We do not know what we would do without it,’ says Björn.

"You see the green lids and you see them everywhere. They are in the emergency rooms, in the operating rooms and next to the patient in the hospital bed," says Lotta.