Serres Nemo at Clinique Beau Soleil Montpellier – Antonella Burtin

Antonella Burtin, Hygienist Nurse
Clinique Beau Soleil, Montpellier, France

Hygienist Nurse Antonella Burtin at Clinique Beau Soleil, Montpellier, France wanted a new solution to managing liquid waste.

“In early 2017, I made an audit about potentially contaminated waste throughout our hospital and found that waste management of potentially contaminated waste was not satisfactory,” Burtin says.  

Serres Nemo for better fluid management 

After the audit, Burtin and her team considered solidifying the biological fluid, but were not 100% confident that was the answer for them. 

“We realized this was not necessarily the optimal solution for us, because there was a timelapse between the addition of solidifying agent and solidification effect – especially in gastroenterology,” she explains.   

Serres approached Burtin and her teams later in the year, and suggested Serres Nemo could be an effective solution to the hospital’s need to improve fluid waste management. 

“Everyone is really satisfied"

“Because Serres Nemo is a fixed set up, we can take suction bags from the operating room to the device to be emptied whenever we want,” Burtin points out. 

Antonella was also pleased with how Serres Nemo increased user satisfaction and workflow efficiency.  

“Compared to the old system, it’s clear to me, for sure, that everyone is really satisfied with Serres Nemo. Now we have our liquid waste process under control.”