Serres Nemo at Clinique Beau Soleil Montpellier – Veronique Fabry

Veronique Fabry, OR Nurse
Clinique Beau Soleil Montpellier, France

The ins and outs of waste fluid disposal in a demanding care environment are familiar to veteran OR nurse Veronique Fabry at the Clinique Beau Soleil. For her, the old way to dispose of fluid waste in the OR was not the most effective.

“We used to put the suction bags in large plastic containers, which were heavy for the staff to move around. It was a problem,” Fabry says. 

Word-of-mouth led to Serres Nemo 

She was already familiar with Serres as the hospital had used Serres Suction Bags for several years. She learned about Serres Nemo from a pharmacist who introduced her to the solution. 

“He provided us documentation to assess if it is a feasible solution for us in terms of cost and improved working conditions – it was.” 

“So easy to use” 

Today, Serres Nemo enables Fabry and her team to focus on what matters most in the OR – effective patient care. 

“The big advantage is that Serres Nemo is accessible to everyone – it is so easy to use and you don’t need to move around with full suction bags. At the same time the amount of waste that is incinerated has decreased by half, so the savings are substantial,” she explains.