Serres Nemo at Klinikum Gütersloh – Heiko Sahm

Heiko Sahm, Waste Manager and Occupational Safety Specialist
Klinikum Gütersloh, Germany

Klinikum Gütersloh has been using Serres Nemo since October 2017. The fluid medical waste disposal equipment has provided significant cost savings and improved the hospital’s workflow.

Heiko Sahm, Waste Manager at Klinikum Gütersloh, was looking for a more cost-effective way of disposing of hazardous liquid waste and fluids that are collected during surgical procedures. He compared different options and found out about Serres Nemo. 

"The disposal of infectious fluid waste didn’t function optimally, and it was also quite expensive. We made some calculations and decided to buy the equipment,” Sahm explains. 


Serres Nemo saves up to 80% 

Serres Nemo was delivered and installed in October 2017. The installation was a a straightforward process and the equipment has been in daily use ever since.  

"We can now ensure a high level of worker protection, because our employees no longer need to handle infectious waste.” 

The disposal of fluids is also now possible in the surgical unit, which leads to significant reduction in waste management costs. 

"We have realized 80% savings in hazardous fluid waste management costs. We calculated that the fluid disposal equipment would pay itself off in less than a year, compared with how much we spent on hazardous waste management in the past,” says Sahm. 

"Our staff is happy” 

Sahm is very pleased with the overall experience. 

“We've achieved the desired cost savings, our procedures are now more hygienic than before, and our staff is happy. I can definitely recommend Serres Nemo.”