Serres Saga enables unlimited surgical suction capacity for urology at the University Hospital of Lübeck

Lothar Lasarzewski, Team Leader of Urology Endoscopic Unit
Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein

The University Medical Center of Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH) is the highest-grade hospital in Northern Germany and one of the largest medical care centers in Europe. With clinics in Lübeck and Kiel, the UKSH covers all areas of modern medicine treating nearly 450,000 patients per year.

In 2015, the UKSH launched the largest clinical construction modernization project in Europe to meet the growing demands of tomorrow’s health care.

In Lübeck, the existing hospital was extended by a completely new building to centralize multiple clinics into a single central complex, including the Department of Urology.  

Besides new facilities, the most advanced technology was deployed in the new hospital. One of the breakthrough technologies that was introduced upon inauguration of the new facilities was the Serres Saga Fluid Management System.

Call for smarter fluid management in the OR

The relationship with Serres dates back a few years when Laure Lacoste, Product Group Director of Serres conducted interviews in the European hospitals to deep dive into the pain points of surgical suction and fluid management in the hospitals.

One of the people she met during her journey was Mr. Lothar Lasarzewski, Team Leader of Urology Endoscopic Unit at the University Hospital of Lübeck.

Mr. Lasarzewski addressed the prevailing way of handling surgical fluids was not sustainable. The staff was disposing of surgical fluid waste into the sewer on the OR floor which exposed them to high risk of infection. Therefore, the Hygiene Department had deemed the old practice would no longer be acceptable in the new hospital.  

“I knew we had a challenge. We had to change the way surgical fluids were managed, first and foremost, to improve safety and hygiene in the OR. Furthermore, I knew there would not be sewers on the operating room floors in the new building, which is a common trend in new healthcare facilities across Germany,” Mr. Lasarzewski explains.

There was a clear need for smarter and safer solution for suction and fluid management in the OR also because the procedures they perform in the urology endoscopic unit generate a lot of surgical fluid waste.

“In some cases, we collect even up to 60 liters of surgical fluids. Therefore, we needed a system that could manage a lot of fluids without any interruptions to the surgery. Mrs. Lacoste introduced the concept and showed me some early designs of the new solution in making that immediately intrigued my interest to learn more,” Mr. Lasarzewski continues.

Trial in the old hospital

Few years later, as the inauguration of the new hospital building was approaching, Mr. Lasarzewski reached out to Serres again to see if the new solution was already available. Timing was right as Serres Saga was just about to be released in Germany.

Keen on new technologies, Mr. Lasarzewski set up a trial in the old hospital in fall 2019 to get some first-hand experience with the device, and to see if Serres Saga was fit for their needs. In fact, the University Hospital of Lübeck was one of the forerunners in Europe to first deploy the new technology for surgical suction and fluid management in their hospital.

Efficient workflow all day

Seeing the new system in use, Mr. Lasarzewski soon realized Serres Saga would be a game-changer in the OR because of its unlimited collection capacity that enables continuous suction through the surgery, and throughout the day.

“The other solution we evaluated did not meet our criteria because it had limited capacity. In endoscopic urology, the fluid quantities are really high, and in OR every minute counts so it is not feasible to pause the surgery for emptying the device, “Mr. Lasarzewski explains.

The users were immediately convinced about Serres Saga’s capabilities to handle large fluid volumes with ease.

“Clearly, the biggest benefit of Serres Saga is the unlimited collection capacity. We can suction as much fluids as we need without any interruption to the surgery. Suction bags can be used in multiple procedures until full. Then the fluid waste is automatically solidified, and the suction bags are taken to the waste room only at the end of the day. The changeover between patients is swift too as all you need to do is to change the manifolds and you are ready to go again, Mr. Lasarzewski elaborates.

“Being a university hospital, sometimes the procedures are performed by the assistant professors, which means operations may take longer and require more irrigation fluids so it’s really convenient to have a system that can handle it all with ease,” Mr. Lasarzewski continues.

The team also found the new device really simple to use.

“There was really no resistance in deploying a new device for surgical suction and fluid management, as Serres Saga is really simple to use. It’s not very complicated technology,” Mr. Lasarzewski outlines.

Breakthrough technology for the urology endoscopic unit

The system proofed its worth, and the UKSH decided to get two devices for the new central hospital inaugurated on 26 November 2019. Mr. Lasarzewski and his team has been satisfied with the solution and service throughout the process.

“The Serres team has supported us through the trials and beyond, training the users and responding to any minor issues we have had promptly, which has made the change really easy for our team,” Mr. Lasarzewski states.

Now, the Serres Saga Fluid Management Systems support procedures in one operating room in the urology endoscopic unit, and another room is set to open in a few weeks. Every day, Serres Saga secures safe, reliable and convenient surgical suction and fluid management in around 6 operations per room, while bringing immediate relief to OR staff.

“I would like to extend the use of Serres Saga to low volume cases too so that we would not have to change the suction bags so often. I can definitely recommend Serres Saga to other hospitals too,“ Mr. Lasarzewski concludes.

The University Hospital of Lübeck

•    Opened 26 November 2019
•    Gross area 65,000 sqm in 6 floors
•    Urological Clinic with 2 Endourologic-Operating Rooms
•    Two Serres Sagas in use since November 2019
•    Serres Saga supports on average 6 operations / day / OR


Serres Saga fluid waste management in UKSH
Lothar Lasarzewski and Dieter Klimke of Serres side by side the Serres Saga Fluid Management System in the OR


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