Serres Saga leads to significant benefits in surgical operations

Laura Koskimäki / Arthur Schutt / Sari Vihavainen
South Karelia Central Hospital, Lappeenranta

South Karelia Central Hospital in FInland trialed the Serres Saga Fluid Management System at the end of 2018. The device proofed to be an invaluable asset that made life easier for the OR staff.

Before Serres Saga, the nurses spent a lot of time on handling large volumes of suction fluids. Serres Saga brought immediate relief for nurses as they could rely on Serres Saga for managing large fluid volumes safely.

One of the immediate benefits realized was that Serres Saga enables continuous suction through the surgery regardless of fluid volumes. Collection capacity could easily be expanded even during the procedure by simply replacing full suction liners with new ones.

Well-informed patient care

The staff of South Karelia Central Hospital also valued accurate and automatic fluid deficit monitoring. Instead of stressful guesswork, the volume differential between irrigated and collected fluid was always visible on the screen, enabling well-informed patient care.

"The procedures we do here at the urology ward are quite challenging. Basically, small amounts of fluids are always missing. Serres Saga made our work much easier as we no longer have to calculate the patient's fluid balance by ourselves; the device does it for us. It improves the patient safety," explains OR Nurse, Laura Koskimäki.

"Now we only have to keep an eye on the screen. I think that summarizes it all," continues OR Nurse Arthur Schutt.

Besides improving patient safety, Serres Saga enhaced safety of staff:

"The best part about Serres Saga is that we avoid contact with potentially infectious surgical fluid waste. After the procedure, the suction fluids are automatically solidified," says Sari Vihavainen, Ward Domestic at South Karelia Central Hospital.


The deployment of Serres Saga was an effortless process, because the Serres staff supported the hospital with every detail.

"Deploying Serres Saga did not add our workload at all, because Serres employees were there to support us," concludes OR Nurse Laura Koskimäki.