The Most Durable Suction Canisters

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The vacuum source is connected to the angle connector of the canister. Once installed, there is no need to touch the vacuum tube or the connector between operations.

Canister can be installed in a variety of different holders. The canisters are transparent, though blue colored models are available for sensitive circumstances

Wide measuring scale is easy to read from all directions.

Robust structure and resistant material allow for effective cleaning, including autoclaving.

The 2000 ml and 3000 ml canisters are round. 1000 ml canisters are oval-shaped and fit even in the smallest space.

Designed for single-use suction bags, Serres canisters require miminal replacement and can handle the most demanding care challenges.

The 2000 ml and 3000 ml canisters are round-shaped. Compact oval-shaped 1000ml canisters are ideal for ambulances, anaesthesia machines, intensive care units and neonates units. In addition to transparent canisters, which offer a clear view of suctioned liquid, Serres provides blue canisters that ensure the comfort of patients and families in sensitive circumstances.

Key features and benefits

  • Easy to read thanks to wide measuring scale.
  • Accuracy of the volume read on canisters scale: +/- 100ml.
  • Canisters are certified as measuring devices (Europe class Im certificate issued by notified body no 0537).
  • Canisters are equipped with built-in brackets for easy mounting on walls, rail supports and trolleys.
  • Canisters include reusable angle connectors for vacuum tubing.