Expand the capacity with serial connection

Serres Suction bags are easily connected in a serial chain, giving the largest suction capacity in market.

The same suction bag for single and serial use

Disposable Serial tubing with a wide-angle connector is installed between suction bags. Reusable Vacuum tubing can be used to connect canisters to the vacuum source. Thanks to outstanding product compatibility, all Serres Suction bags can be used either in single or serial connections. The small number of product references allows for better stock control.

In a serial connection, you can connect up to 6 canisters into one chain. If a Vacuum shift is used to connect two chains, the maximum collection capacity is 36 litres on one trolley. When using Serres Suction bags in series, the liquid flows into to the first bag. Once the first bag is full, the liquid automatically begins to flow into the next bag through the Serial tubing without any user intervention. When the last bag in the chain or series is full or when the procedure is over, the bags are plugged and disposed just like in normal use.