Suction Bags

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Suction Bags

Hydrophobic filter acts as a combined bacterial filter and overflow protection. The filter closes suction automatically when it comes in contact with fluids.

Serial port allows you to expand the suction capacity up to 36 litres, the largest volume available in the market.

Bags folded with tapes make installing fast and easy.

The solidifier packed in soluble pouches is pre-inserted into bag, so you can begin the operation immediately.

Measuring cup attachment point. All special products and accessories are always compatible with other Serres products and calibrated to function together.

Grab the handle and remove the bag easily after use without breaking your fingernails.

Patented Single Connection ensures error-free installation. Just connect the patient tube and the system is ready for use.

After plugging all caps stay firmly closed and keep the bag completely sealed even if it is accidentally dropped on the floor.

Disposable Serres Suction bags are designed to provide the highest performance and ease of use.

Suction bags available in 1000 ml, 2000 ml and 3000 ml are made of thin yet strong polyethylene film, making the system the most hygiene and safe in the market. All Serres Suction bags are equipped with hydrophobic filters that serve as a combined bacterial filter and overflow protection.

User friendliness taken to next level

Each Serres Suction bag incorporates a patented Single Connection system that makes misconnection virtually impossible. The error-free connection is easy to learn and use, while minimizing the risk of error or accident. Just connect the patient tubing and the bag is ready for use. Used bags are easily disconnected and capped.

Serres Suction bag range

All bags can be used individually or in a serial connection and accommodate all accessories for special clinical needs. Regardless of your suction procedural needs, you will find an ideal solution from our wide suction bag range.

  • Standard bags are the basic suction bags for general use.
  • Folded bags are wrapped up and taped, which makes installing the bag easier and faster.
  • Suction bags with backflow valve enable more hygiene operation as the valve prevents liquid spillage from the patient port before it is plugged.
  • Single packed bags are sealed from dust during storage, making them an ideal solution for customers who have minimal consumption of suction bags.
  • Ready-to-use Bag & Tube packages consisting of a patient tube and a suction bag packed together in a peel pack. This combination of fully compatible suction products simplifies nursing work while reducing the number of product codes for better stock control.
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