Solutions for all suction needs

Cost savings:

The best cost-benefit value

The biggest savings do not always come from the lowest purchase price. What is the real cost if your OR is not up and running or your staff kept waiting for the necessary systems and equipment?

Manage your stock effectively

Serres products are exceptionally light and compact, taking up three times less space than any alternative product on the market. The standardization of our product also enables efficient stock management: e.g. fewer references to order and smaller inventories.

Reduce your waste handling costs

The unique features of the Serres system ensure the lowest possible waste output and therefore reduced running and disposal costs for the hospital. With Serres Pre-gelled bags, there is no more accidental spillage of liquid and contact with potentially infectious waste during transportation – a feature that is highly appreciated by nursing and cleaning staff.

High quality, trustworthy performance

The reliability and trustworthiness of Serres Suction bags based on customer feedback and satisfaction is close to six sigma quality. Less worries and lower costs by avoiding unnecessary cleaning and infection control. With our comprehensive and cost-efficient liquid waste management system, you only need one supplier. Select Serres and you can work with ease.