Solutions for all suction needs

Safety & Hygiene:

When compromise is unacceptable

In a hospital environment, two factors have a major influence on patient outcome: safety and hygiene. The easy-to-use products from Serres ensure that healthcare staff can focus on the job at hand. The innovative design of the system ensures that hygiene requirements are never compromised.

The simplest connection

The intuitive design - together with the simplest Single Connection in market - ensures essentially error-free installation of the Serres Suction system. Thanks to highly resistant materials, reliable plugs and a strong lifting handle, the disposal of suction bags is convenient and safe; no leakage, no spillage. All accessories are fully compatible, making the system ergonomic and fast-to-use. The Suction canisters are built to last and can be effectively autoclaved.

Pre-gelled bags offer safe liquid handling and waste disposal

Serres Pre-gelled bags add extra ease to handling suction bags. With minimal risk of accidental spillage of liquid and contact with potentially infectious waste, nursing and cleaning staff can focus on patient care and safety.

High-efficiency and reliability of hydrophobic filter

All Serres Suction bags are equipped with a hydrophobic filter that ensures proper closure of suction bags when full. It also acts as a reliable overflow valve and an efficient barrier to dissemination of bacteria. This filter will definitely protect your vacuum source, also stopping foam and blood splashes, as its activation does not depend on alignment of any mechanical parts.